Imagine putting employees and customers first. Imagine giving these employees the kind of authority and accountability that they would not enjoy anywhere else, and enabling them to be effective with this responsibility. Imagine being unsatisfied with how things have been done, instead favouring how things could be done. These are the principles which define Tricon's approach to business.

We do not measure our value by the size of our portfolio, the worth of our assets, or the height of our buildings. Rather, we measure our value by the strength and quality of our relationships, the integrity of our actions, and the care we take with the people around us. We measure our value through the way we do business.

Tricon is built on core values like respect, honesty and trust. We have carefully selected people of character to build a dedicated team of in-house experts who understand where all good work begins – with active listening, innovative thinking and a relentless desire to reset current standards of excellence. If we are not continually striving for excellence and improving on what has been done before, we are simply not satisfied.

We also understand that today’s complex problems require flexible, innovative solutions. That is why we actively encourage our team to explore new ideas, fresh insight or a radically different approach whenever faced with a challenge.

We have found that combining traditional values with creative thinking establishes a balance that works. We have found that Caring for employees and customers is what sets us apart. This is how we do business, every day.