Construction Methods

It is important for a customer not only to know which end-product they want but also how they want it delivered. There are many methods available for our customers to choose from. Knowing and understanding how each one works, and its advantages and disadvantages, is important in ensuring the project runs efficiently throughout the overall design and construction of the project.

Stipulated Price (Customer appoints Architect)

Stipulated Price

Construction Management (Customer appoints Construction Management Team)

Construction Management

Design Build (Customer defines project requirements)

Design Build

Project Management (Customer appoints Project Manager)

Project Management

Contract TypeAdvantagesDisadvantages
Stipulated Price
Owner appoints an Architect
  • Price is fixed at tender and there is detailed control of the design
  • The structure is less conducive to teamwork
  • The project schedule is extended due to sequential design and construction
Construction Management
Owner appoints a Construction Management Team
  • The sound overall advice through all phases of a construction project
  • Owner could realize time reduction in completion of job
  • Owner shares the risk of design development and subcontractor’s performance
  • Owner loses a level of interface with all companies except construction manager
Design Build
Owner defines the project requirements
  • Project speed and the single source of responsibility
  • Discuss the budget during the design phase and communicating cost implications of design decisions
  • Owner does not maintain direct control over the design detail
Project Management
Owner appoints a Project Manager
  • The design and construction team collaborate form the beginning to end of a project
  • Owner retains control over all aspects/quality of the project
  • Finding a knowledgeable Project Manager who has the expertise required to deliver continual advice
  • Owner can become overwhelmed with the minute details of the project