About Tricon

Tricon was started on the awareness that taking care of people is the keystone to a successful business. We have challenged traditional thought processes by considering the norm but also exploring and implementing ways to improve the norm with our own zest and determination. With this process we attract customers and employees with character and enthusiasm to think beyond the obvious.

Tricon's team is a dynamic, inspired group that brings professional insight, focused creativity and a tireless work ethic to every project. We are a diverse mix of talents, with a shared passion for delivering personalized service.

Our team is made up of seasoned business, development and construction individuals who have been selected to be part of our team based on their dedication to our core ideal of Caring. We have all established reputations on unsurpassed customer service. Building relationships with customers, consultants, trades and suppliers helps Tricon ensure project costs and schedules are maintained. To this end we only take on as many select projects as we can devote our full attention to.

Our drive to create lasting relationships comes straight from the top, through a management team that is committed to doing what is right for the future and the people. Our principals lead by example and possess that invaluable leadership trait – the ability to inspire.