Our Services

Tricon specializes in design build services with emphasis placed on pre-construction value engineering. Tricon provides full management services. Not only do we offer the design, coordination and development of a project, but will also facilitate finding the land to suit the project. Put simply, at Tricon we offer a turn-key process

Our integrated management approach allows you to work with just one firm – from start to finish- for your entire project. Our experienced project managers utilize an electronic system that consistently tracks time, materials, manpower and the budget. We can then efficiently monitor progress and identify potential bottlenecks. You can rely on the consistency of our team to handle every part of the job, and trust our reputation to get the project done right.

Pre- Construction Service

Some of the most crucial work on any construction project happens long before you break ground. Tricon’s Pre-Construction Services include planning, estimating and scheduling during the conceptual and design development phase to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Tricon provides cost analysis and value engineering services by assessing economical and efficient design and construction methods, systems and materials. We also provide scheduling services by developing a realistic, economical schedule for the shortest construction time possible. Budgets and schedules are updated to coincide with the design development and approval process; incorporating the owner's requirements at all times.

Providing knowledgeable construction input early in the design phase enables the Customer to make informed decisions. The right decisions at the right time support better projects.

Design- Build Service

Design-Build is our method of carrying out a project in a turnkey fashion, in accordance with the customer’s needs and technical requirements. Tricon engages the professionals that are the most suited for the project and together develops the plans and specifications that meet the customers’ expectations.

Design-Build transfers all construction and performance risks to Tricon. Our optimized management and enhanced communication, reduces costs, and allows tighter control over budgets and schedules right from the start of the project.